What inspired you to become a wedding photographer?

Many people have often asked me this question. Rightly so, I left a glorious career in advertising and marketing behind to pursue my deep passion for photography. Life is just too short to be boring. Wedding venues are some of the most happening places at any point of time. It is a perfect mix of emotions like joy, awe, inspiration, anxiety, beauty and culture. For me as a photographer, to shoot weddings is like a dream come true. To be a part of something so creative and unique and to create memories of such beautiful moments, I find myself privileged to be a wedding photographer.

What is your wedding photography style?

There are many fancy words by which you can represent wedding photography styles, like candid, documentary, classical and so on. I offer my own unique style of photography that blends in creative elements of all these styles. I try to capture the moments in a candid style, giving special attention to the couple.

I try to blend in the factors of documentary style of photography to create beautiful photo essays with the classical style of photography. Every moment of your wedding will be unique – to define it with a certain style would only devalue the treasured moments. I will surely direct the set to be formed with a style that suits me. I am very open to suggestions and keep communicating with the couple throughout my shoot, so as to capture their expectations perfectly in the shoot.

What is your experience in wedding photography?

I have been shooting weddings for the past five years now. I am a wedding photographer by passion and love to create special moments for special people. I have covered many weddings and have a very satisfactory client base. The experience of being in the field of marketing and advertisement has inculcated within me a sense of creativity that has helped me in my photography career.

Where are you based?

I am a Lucknow-based wedding photographer. Lucknow is the city of Nawabs. It has a rich history that is reflected in its people. Exposure to this city’s aura has enabled me to take a holistic view about the different cultures and cherish the individual beauty of all.

Are you open to travelling?

As of now, I only limit myself to assignments within India. I am open to travelling anywhere within India on your request for any special occasion.

For off-location shoots, do you charge any extra fee?

As stated earlier, my choice of profession is due to my passion. I will not charge any extra fee for outstation assignments. Usually daily charges agreed upon by us will only be charged even for the outstation assignments though you will have to furnish the travel expenses in advance. I will not charge any fee for the days I travel.

Are you a team?

No magician works alone, he always has someone to help him with his tricks. Yes, I do have a dedicated team of photographers who will be on their toes for your wedding shoots. They will take care of every little thing that needs to be done to make your wedding shoot perfect. I provide all services so that you do not have to knock on other doors.

Can you cover photography of both the bride and groom sides?

Yes, I would love to. Thanks to having a dedicated team of photographers, we will cover both sides of the wedding. It is just a waste of time and money to hire different people to do the same jobs.

Will you be present for the shoots?

Absolutely Yes! I will be present there for all the shoots related to your wedding. I have a dedicated and experienced team which will cover each and every aspect of your wedding. The team will be under my supervision 24×7 and you can rest assured that we will never miss out capturing any special moment of your wedding.

How much ahead should I book my photographer?

Like you book your hotel, your venue, and even your tickets in advance just to make sure that you have the best in your hands, a wedding photographer should be booked as early as possible. Good quality photographers are always in demand. With wedding season being so lean and the demand for quality photographers being very high, it is suggested that you book your wedding photographer well in advance. Even if your wedding might be the following year, you should book the photographer just to be sure that you have the best people covering your wedding.

Are there any specific work hours that you follow?

I understand that each and every wedding is unique. It is a dynamic event that has no definite boundaries and generally can stretch to unplanned timings. That is why I charge my clients on a per day basis rather than on hourly basis. It provides me with flexibility to work and it also provides my clients the assurance that their photographer is present with them throughout the wedding. There are many instances where photographers have strict work timings and in the process miss the precious moments of a wedding. We have a strict work environment and always keep the comfort and expectations of our clients first. You do not have to worry about the hours or quality of work done by my team and me.

Do you make wedding albums?

Having a full team of expert photographers, cinematographers and cameraman, I also provide wedding albums to my client. They will be specially crafted for every client such that it suits their style and requirements. Charges for every wedding album will differ depending on the size and quality of photos.

I am also in contact with some of the best album vendors in India. You can choose from thousands of designs available in our catalog.

Any wedding is incomplete without the wedding album. It is a book that tells the story of your wedding. We make sure that the story is charming, beautiful, neat and awe inspiring.

How do you select photographs for weddings?

You can rest assured that you will get only the best quality work from my side. I typically handpick each and every photograph myself and do not limit myself to the number of photos I take. I click on each and every moment that I find worthy, and then give it the final touch by enhancing its attributes. There is no definite percentage that I reject or accept but I make sure that you get full satisfaction out of my work.

How many photos will you shoot for a typical wedding day?

I shoot around 500-600 photos per day on a wedding. I personally shortlist the final photos and you should expect 200-300 high quality, refined photos for every day of your wedding. For three days of shoot, I will provide 700-800 photos that will step by step narrate your beautiful story to the world.

What about the editing styles?

I try to keep each and every photo as natural and candid as I can. With a selected touch of colour palettes, I try to enhance the quality of images, so that it speaks brilliantly of the moment they are captured in. A light touch and an innovative blend of art are enough to bring out the best quality photos for you.

Who owns the copyright for the images?

This is your wedding and your photos – I am just providing the lens for the shoot. You will have the complete usage rights to your entire wedding photographs and can do anything you like with them. You just can’t resell your photographs to a third party without my consent. Being the photographer, I will have the “Copyright “to all the photographs.

Would you use our photos on social media sites? What if we do not want you to post our wedding images on any social media website?

Any photographer would like to highlight his marvellous work so that it inspires other clients. I would love to post terrific photos on my portfolio on social media websites. If you have any special request for me not to post your wedding photographs, please let me know beforehand. We can always work things out.

Are your service charges negotiable?

It pays to buy a gem. I understand that you have various other expenses that you need to take care of for your wedding. But, a photographer might be as important as the meal served at the wedding. The meal would only last for the wedding days, whereas wedding shoots last forever. Premium wedding photographs capturing all special moments come at a price and you can see the justification of the price by going through my portfolio. My team will work 24×7 to provide you the best quality photos of your wedding.