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Wedding Photography Packages

Good things cost money. Though our basic packages start from Rupees 30,000 per day, the rate will depend on the type of shoot. Every wedding is unique and requires a personal touch. Depending on time and effort, we custom build each and every package. For more information, contact us.

Why do I offer unique packages instead of a custom rate?

Each package is custom-made depending upon the requirements of our clients. We have an array of ideas and customizations for all your wedding shoots to choose from. Each wedding is exclusive, and therefore it is only after a thorough conversation that we decide the rates of the wedding. Instead of filling up a form, I like to have conversations with my client to gain a better perspective of their expectations.

Day wise package, not on hourly basis

With experience, I have learned that weddings can go out of schedule. To ease out the working details, I charge my clients on per day basis. This provides an opportunity for the couple to enjoy their special moment as they like, with me being available 24×7 at their service. Photography needs to be beautiful and elegant. It is better to work the whole day for it. That is why I charge for the total number of days of wedding shoots, rather than the number of hours.

What will be included in our wedding packages?

I offer all services of a wedding shoot. A typical package will be custom made depending on your requirements, but in general, you would get:

  • Coverage of all events from the start of the wedding to vidai.
  • Professional style shooting by two persons, in documentary and classical photography style.
  • Story creation of your special moments during the wedding.
  • Story creation for the whole wedding.
  • High-quality video and photos of your wedding on a DVD or pendrive.
  • We even offer online wedding photograph gallery with few selected photos. You can share the gallery link and share the special moments with your loved ones.
  • Generally, for a one-day wedding, you get around 200-300 photos and 400-500 photos for a two-day wedding.

Depending on your requirements we can work out any details which you require.

In our special packages we offer following things:

  • Essay Shoots and Couple Shoots

A wedding is built upon the spark of love. Our special photo essays will bring out that love elegantly on pictures, speaking stories about it. It may be months before your wedding, but the couple shoot will surely mesmerize and inspire awe in the eyes of anyone who watches the spark of love. We could decide on some special place for the shoot, the place where you met or the place that is near to your heart. We also offer suggestions for beautiful places around the country where you can plan your pre-wedding photo essay shoot with us. Just spare a few moments for us and we will create magic for you.

  • Handcrafted Punit Wedding Albums

We have our own team of experts that will handcraft the wedding album to bind memories to be cherished forever. Albums are available in a large number of designs with varying prices. Special attention is given to details and our expert team will craft the perfect album which will be cherished by your generations to come.

  • Honeymoon Albums

We wish that you have multiple honeymoons throughout your partnership. But the first one is always a special event. Offering these services to only a few selected clients, I can accompany you to your honeymoon to capture the splendid moments. You have chosen your destination after a very careful thought and you certainly do not want to come back with simple shady photos that are incapable of creating any impact. I will custom shoot the honeymoon moments for you such that it will always inspire a spark when you go through them in the years to come.

Location of the Assignments

As of now, my services are limited only to India. But soon we plan to launch our services worldwide, so that we can satisfy each and every requirement of our clients. I can accompany you to any place within India. We want you to just furnish our travel costs in advance. You do not need to make any special arrangements for the team to stay – we will be delighted to be invited as family guests and be given a simple room.

Bookings and Payments

The client is expected to furnish all travel related costs in advance. We expect 50% advance on the day we finalize the booking dates. This advance shall be non-refundable. We hope you understand our motives behind this gesture, as when I plan a shoot, I make sure that I am personally available on the given dates, leaving my other arrangements behind.

Final Images

We provide you with high-resolution images of the wedding shoot carefully selected for you. We do not provide the dump file in hand. There is a lot of effort that goes into creating a perfect wedding shoot, considering the length and duration of the wedding. We only provide low and high resolution images of the final shortlisted photographs.

Copyrights and Usage

We reserve the copyright for all images captured by us. We can use these images for our own promotion in social media, our website or any other (online or offline) form of advertisement. You have full usage rights to your photographs and can use them as per your wishes other than for any commercial gains. We do not use or sell wedding photos further to any third party for commercial gains.