March 26, 2017

Getting Started

People have now realized that picking up a good wedding photographer is as important as picking a wedding date. Pre-wedding shoots, wedding shoots, behind the scene shoots, cocktail parties, sangeet ceremony – you just can’t leave these precious moments in the hands of an amateur. You need an artist who can work wonders for you and help you cherish these moments forever. You need a photographer who can perfectly blend the ‘traditional’ with the ‘modern art’.

The Internet revolution has brought the world at your feet where you can share these moments with the world, be inspired and inspire others.

“There are no rules for good photographs, there are just good photographs.”  It sure takes a magician to create magic.”

Where to Begin?

Social media has become an integral part of everyone’s life today. Hand a DSLR to a person and he becomes a photographer. Photography brings out the passion hidden deep within you. It gives you a whole new perspective to look at life through different eyes. It not only helps you to capture moments, but it also shapes you, your thoughts and inspires you. But it takes time to master the game. Rome was not built in a day, it takes patience and learning, to be able to look through different eyes. A successful artistic photographer will not only capture memories for you but he will truly create memories for you to be cherished for a lifetime.

A studio photographer would generally go the traditional way without experimenting much. But with innovation and style hungry world, an artistic photographer with experience in varied fields provides you a blend of tradition and art. This gives him the power to create magic through the lens. Don’t get washed away with advertisements containing words like candid, original, honest and so on. A balance of modern, traditional, art and experience will serve you best.

Do you really need a special candid wedding photographer?

Ok, let us assume you choose a traditional photographer. That is because you want to capture pictures of your guests, various ceremonies that take place in a wedding, your friends, family and othes at the wedding just to create memories. Any ‘ordinary’ photographer would do the job just fine to please these feelings.

But if you want to portray truth, beauty, elegance, quality, feelings, energy and liveliness in your photos, you definitely need a candid photographer who knows how to print these adjectives in the form of photos. You need someone who knows when the moment is right to be captured, who knows how to be candid yet stunning in his approach. You need an artistic photographer for such shoots.

How to select the best photographer

Start with short-listing some of the wedding photographers based on your criteria. Seek references from people who have already availed services of any artistic photographer. After short-listing check which of these photographers are available on the dates of your wedding. Send inquiries and seek samples of their previous projects. Make sure that the photographer you settle down with fits your budget and expectations. Weddings are a once in a lifetime event. Do not miss out on quality for a little more money.

Once you have decided on the photographer, get comfortable with him. Start talking about your expectations and how you want the wedding to be covered. A wedding photographer will probably spend maximum time with you during the wedding. Ask for his suggestions and make him understand your expectations. If you can provide any samples you have seen on the Internet, it will be helpful for the photographer. To avoid any expectation failure, it is best that you guide your photographer as per your requirements. They surely won’t mind it.

Punit Jaiswal Photography, Lucknow

With many national awards and acclaim under his hood, Punit is a pioneer in the field of modern wedding photography and has been an inspiration to many. His pictures not only create stunning visual pleasures but also inspire awe. His previous experience in the fields of advertising and marketing has helped him to have a varied perspective on any single event. He has mastered the art of capturing these perspectives into beautiful candid photos that people will cherish throughout their lives. Courtesy of his ability to innovate and a hunger to strive for excellence, he is a photographer who is a class apart from his contemporaries.

We are the best in the following photography categories

  • Pre-wedding Photo Shoots

A wedding starts as soon as the couple gets engaged. There is a new spark that is clearly visible in the chemistry of the couple when they get engaged to each other. Pre-wedding shoots, also known as engagement shoots, are carried out at engagement ceremonies and are a fun thing to shoot. We capture your story right from the pre-wedding days giving a glimpse of that spark to the world.

  • Candid Wedding Photography

Standard poses for a photo have become old fashioned. Candid is the new style. We offer candid photos that capture the essence of the moment which you will cherish for sure throughout your life. Photos should be honest and candid photography is the best way to represent the honesty of the moment.

  • Fine Art Photography

A wedding is a mix of emotions and feelings. Fine art photography attempts to bring out those fine moments of happiness and joy that a wedding contains. Those milliseconds of your candid laughs, the sehra ceremony and many more are truly captured in essence with fine art photography.

  • Non-wedding Style Photography

There are moments in your wedding that need to be captured the way they are. We find and capture such moments for you in a way that they will seem like a non-wedding event. This is a style offered by very few wedding photographers in India.

  • Destination Photography

Every couple has a dream destination where they met or they want to be. If your destination is within the boundaries of India, I can accompany you to perform a destination shoot. This session is only for special clients on a condition that all travel related expenses would have to be furnished in advance.